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ten days

From the bells of Gloucester Cathedral to the stone legacies of Rievaulx and Fountains abbeys to the significance of Constantine at York Minster;

from hunting down the Magna Carta at the British Library to stumbling upon the statue of Bishop John Henry Newman at Brompton Oratory to leaving the Museum of Freemason’s to exploring the Egyptian Book of the Dead at the British Museum;

from the classy feel of the IoD to the constant buzz of The Royal Commonwealth Society to the 7th floor Alliance breakfast club at the USB to the evening lecture at Cass Business School;

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Faith is the nerve center of every ideology.

What you believe today shapes your destiny. Align your sextant to the horizon, then set your proverbial sails. Yet, you must realize that what you have come to believe may or may not be accurate, or wise. What you hold firm and dear may or may not have any bearing on the future of anyone (other than you).

Ancient peoples have left us their ideologies in stone. When they were crafted, those stories and structures either carried or buried entire civilizations. Ideology make believes all the idols it wants.

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